Manager's toolkit - Facilitating meaningful team discussions and driving team action

Discuss insights and drive team action.

Now that you have received your survey results, it's time to collaborate with your team and embark on your development journey! For this, you have to start discussing the results with your team to chart a plan of action together.

We have developed two distinct toolkits tailored for managers to empower you to facilitate meaningful team discussions and drive actionable outcomes:

  1. Offline Meeting Toolkit: This toolkit is invaluable when meeting the whole team in person. It offers guidance on conducting productive face-to-face sessions, providing insights on addressing specific topics such as diversity within groups, and offering constructive strategies for handling low scores.
  2. Online Meeting Toolkit: Designed especially for situations where remote or hybrid working is the norm, this toolkit equips you with the tools to organize practical virtual sessions with your team. It includes tips for conducting check-ins and energizers to maintain team engagement even from remote. Additionally, it provides recommendations for utilizing online tools to enhance the session experience.

Find the toolkit here:

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