Extending the Response Period of a Running Survey

You can only extend a running survey

  • once. It’s not possible to extend the period a second time.
  • for a maximum of 10 days.
  • up until 8 hours before the survey is closed. No changes can be made if there are fewer than 8 hours remaining
  • when you are a Central Coordinator, Project Coordinator, or a Local Coordinator (read more about these roles here Role management – Effectory)
  • An already closed survey cannot be reopened. Only running surveys can be extended.


  1. Go to My Effectory.
  2. Open the Project in which the survey is launched.
  3. Click on the survey that is currently running.
    > You can see the planned period in the survey settings.


  4. Click on Extend survey period.
  5. Choose the number of days by which you wish to extend the period:
    1 day 
    2 days 
    3 days 
    5 days 
    7 days 
    10 days 
  6. Click Confirm.

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