Introduction: Team Development

Team Development is a solution offered by Effectory. It comes with a tool, the Team Development Scan, which helps teams improve their team dynamics and determine unused potential.

Improving team dynamics can be a challenge. However, organizational success is a direct consequence of their teams’ performance. Healthy team dynamics are more important than ever!

The Team Development solution offers

  • A tool that allows teams to track and improve their performance
  • A quick and easy way to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Insights on how a team can take advantage of these opportunities
  • Practical tips and exercises for the team based on their results

The benefits of Team Development

  • Enhances team dynamics: Based on leading theories (Tuckman, Lencioni, Beckhard), Team Development addresses key elements of collaboration, fostering improved teamwork through a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Boosts performance: The actionable insights from the Team Development Scan empower teams to own and enhance their performance.
  • Enables continuous improvement: Beyond a one-time assessment, the Team Development Scan ensures ongoing progress monitoring, identifying improvement areas, and evaluating action effectiveness.
  • Fosters shared responsibility: The scan underscores collective responsibility, emphasizing each team member's impact on overall performance.
  • Offers actionable insights: The practical Team Development Scan provides clear performance insights and actionable improvement suggestions.
  • Cultivates openness and dialogue: By encouraging discussions on performance and improvement, the scan nurtures transparent, collaborative team cultures where solutions are collectively pursued.

What does the Scan look like?

Team Development Scan includes the following themes:

  • Positive work perception (4 questions)
  • Clear goals & responsibilities (2 questions)
  • Proper alignment of the tasks (5 questions)
  • Good team dynamics (6 questions)
  • Bringing out the best in each other (4 questions)
  • Team performance (2 questions)

And the following single questions:

  • What score do you give your personal energy level?
  • What score do you give your team's energy level?
  • Topics you are proud of within your team
  • Topics to improve for your team
  • In what direction are we progressing as a team?

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