Matching Your Employee Data in My Effectory

Summary Matching your employee data with our category fields helps us place it in the right context and enables you to use My Effectory to its full potential. This article explains why data matching is important and which data categories exist.

Why do I need to match my data with My Effectory? When you share your employee data with us, our system will not automatically recognize its meaning. You need to match your data to our categories so that we can process your data correctly. This enables you to run surveys to their full potential, manage employees and participants in our platform, or compare results comprehensively.


  • Personal survey invitations: If you want to address employees personally in the survey invitations, the My Effectory platform needs to know which of the data you provided are first name, last name, and e-mail address.
  • Comparison of results: If you include birthdates, you can compare results between age groups.
  • Assigning rights to managers: If you match the data of managers with our system, our algorithm can suggest to you or even automatically assign result access rights to managers which allows them to view their teams’ survey results.



  • If you are in the process of uploading your employee data to our platform, you will be automatically guided through the process of matching the data to our categories.
  • If you come back to the data matching at a later point:
      1. Go to the tab Employees in My Effectory.
        > A table with your uploaded employee data opens.
      2. Click on a column header.
        > A drop-down menu appears.
      3. Select Column settings.
      4. Under Data field, choose the matching category from the drop-down menu.

Effectory data fields overview

The table below provides an overview of all My Effectory data fields that can be matched and the context in which you can use them:

Data fields in My Effectory Context
Employee ID To uniquely identify each employee in our software
Initials To address the employee by name in e-mails
First name To address the employee by name in e-mails
Last name prefix To address the employee by name in e-mails
Last name To address the employee by name in e-mails
Gender For data segmentations
E-mail address To send survey invites to your employee
Language To send survey invites and questionnaires to your employee in their preferred language (if your subscription plan entails this)
Birthdate For data segmentations
Date in service For data segmentations
Manager first name To address the manager by name in e-mails
Manager last name To address the manager by name in e-mails
Manager e-mail address To link managers with their groups or teams


Note: Effectory should not receive any sensitive personal data. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Social Security number
  • Political opinion
  • Religion
  • Health-related data
  • Trade-union membership 

If you are in doubt about including specific data, you can consult with your Customer Success Manager.

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