How Can I Grant Access to the Onboarding and Exit Results to Someone?


Effectory’s Onboarding and Exit surveys help your organization to optimize your employees' onboarding experience and to gain insights from departing employees. When the survey is closed, the results will become accessible. In order for someone to view the results, they must have access rights. In this article, you will learn more about how to grant access to the survey results to someone. 


Assigning rights 

Are you a Central Coordinator, Project Coordinator, or Local Coordinator? If so, you can manage the access rights to the results.  

  • Central Coordinators can grant access to the results to everyone in the organization. 
  • Project Coordinators can grant access to the results to everyone within the Onboarding or Exit project. 
  • Local Coordinators can only grant access to the results to the employees on their team. 

How to assign coordinators?
Find a step by step explanation in the following articles:

Role management – Effectory

All employees given access to the results will receive an email to access My Effectory when the results are ready. 

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