Are the Onboarding and Exit questions fixed, or can I add questions? 


Effectory’s Onboarding and Exit surveys help your organization to optimize your employees' onboarding experience and to gain insights from departing employees. The Onboarding and Exit survey consists of a fixed set of questions.  In this article, you will learn more about why the questions for these surveys are fixed. 


Question Set

The Onboarding and Exit survey contains a fixed set of questions. Depending on your plan, you may be able to add questions to the Onboarding and Exit questionnaire.

The Onboarding survey contains 28 questions. The following topics are included:

  • My onboarding
  • My work
  • My team
  • My organization
  • First impression
  • eNPS

The Exit survey contains 27 questions. The following topics are included:

  • How the leaving employee felt about working at your organization  
  • The reasons for leaving
  • Suggestions for improvement
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