Can employees be added or removed during the response period of the Onboarding or Exit survey?


Effectory’s Onboarding and Exit surveys help your organization to optimize your employees' onboarding experience and to gain insights from departing employees. Once an Onboarding or Exit survey’s response period is running, adding more employees as participants is no longer possible. In this article, you will learn more about when adding or removing employees is possible. 


12 hours before start

You can add employees as participants for a survey up until 12 hours before the scheduled start of the Onboarding or Exit survey.

For technical reasons, adding or removing employees once the survey has started is impossible.

This measure furthermore prevents survey results from being manipulated or traced back to individuals by the selective removal of respondents. Employees who wish to refrain from participating in the survey always have the option not to fill in or not to submit the questionnaire.

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