How to create an Onboarding or Exit survey?


Effectory’sOnboarding survey helps you pinpoint improvement points for optimizing the onboarding experience for new employees, facilitating their integration into the company, and ensuring retention. Effectory’s Exit survey helps you gain insights from your departing employees and prevent avoidable turnover in the future. In this article, you will learn more about creating an Onboarding or Exit survey on the My Effectory platform. 


Three Steps for a Successful Onboarding or Exit Survey 

There are three essential steps to follow which are explained in detail below. In short, they are as follows:

First, make sure that your employee data contains the required information. 

Second, create your Onboarding or Exit survey.

Third, view the results.

1. Managing employee data 

When using data integration, you do not have to upload your employee data manually. However, Effectory needs the correct information for identifying the employees who should receive the Onboarding or Exit survey. Therefore, please check if the following column is part of the integration: the onboarding date or exit date in the following way: dd-mm-yyyy.  

When using employee management, you need to make sure that you include the following columns in your file that are necessary to run your Onboarding or Exit survey successfully:

  • Unique ID +  email address
  • Onboarding or exit yes/no: Mark a new or leaving colleague with ‘yes’
  • Onboarding or exit group: number + month + year (for example, 01. January 2023, 02. February 2023, 03. March 2023, etc.)

By implementing the columns mentioned above, the new data is automatically linked to your account's onboarding or exit project. Make sure you add relevant employees at least 12 hours before the survey starts. 


2. Select participants for the project

Go participants on your project home page.
Set the participant filter to: Onboarding = yes or Exit = yes


3. Create a group structure

Go to Group structures on your project home page.

When you create an organizational structure, select the following two columns: Entire organization + Onboarding group or Exit group.  


4. Time to create your survey! 

Have you added the new or leaving employees to My Effectory? Then you can prepare, create, and send the survey. Click the button Create a survey and follow these steps:

  • Select the group you want to send a survey to
  • Select the survey period (start and end date)
  • Select the questionnaire. The questionnaire is a fixed set of questions. Depending on your plan, you may add further questions. 


4. Viewing the results? 

As a Central Coordinator, you will receive:

  • A quarterly report (provided that we can guarantee your employees' anonymity)
  • The results in a PPT 
  • The results in your online dashboard on My Effectory
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