I have not received an invitation, what happens now?

Did you not receive an invitation? Or are you not sure whether you have received the invitation and accidentally deleted it?
No problem, use the following 3 steps to check if you have already received the invitation:

1. On the start page you will see an icon titled 'lost invitation'. 

2. Click on this icon to open a screen, where you can then enter your e-mail address.

3. You will immediately receive a new link to the questionnaire at the entered e-mail address.

If your e-mail address is not recognised by our system, then you can best contact one of our employees via the contact button on the home page. They can check whether or not you are included in the participants file.

It could be that you have not been invited to participate in the survey, for example, due to the fact that you have not been employed for long or because you work on a freelance basis for the organisation. Our employee will then refer you to the right contact person within your organisation. You can verify with the contact person why you have not received an invitation.


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