Confidentiality: how does this work?

Confidentiality, how does this work?

To ensure that answers cannot be traced back to individual participants, Effectory will only report average group scores. Together with your employer, we will agree on a minimum group size, usually between five and ten employees (five is the absolute minimum). This minimum group size of five respondents is the general standard in conducting employee surveys, for Effectory as well as for other suppliers working in compliance with ESOMAR and privacy laws. If a group does not meet the minimum requirements, we will not report the results for this group to your employer. As a result of these measures, we can guarantee that your answers cannot be traced back to you. Please note that answers to open-ended questions will be quoted anonymously but literally on the reports.

Response per group & reporting

In addition to a group size, we always agree on the minimum number of required respondents. This is the minimum number of participants in a group that must have completed the questionnaire. If this requirement is not met, the results of this group will not be reported at the specific group level and will instead be included in a parent group that has reached the minimum – usually the department or organization.


If you are a manager, the results from your department might say something directly about you as a manager. In that sense, you as a manager will be assessed personally.

Example A: confidentiality per group

The group must consist of at least 5 employees (minimum group size), and at least 5 out of 5 employees must have responded (minimum response).


Example B: confidentiality of underlying groups

It is possible that an underlying group that does achieve the minimum response is not reported (group 4). This occurs when another group under the same parent level does not reach the minimum response (group 3). The results of the only blue respondent (group 3) will be traceable if both the results of group 4 and the results of the parent group (3+4) are reported. For this reason, the results of group 3 and 4 will only be reported in the parent group.


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